Saturday, May 7, 2011

Yes Here We Go Again, Give You More, Nothing Lesser, Back on the Stove is the Anti-Depressor.

If menudo had a cute younger brother it would be pork posole. If pork posole had a smokin' hot girlfriend it would be chicken posole. Chicken posole made with chicken thighs. But this time made with no ham hocks or smoked turkey necks. This time made to be much lighter. By using the fresh cooking broth from boiling the chicken and flavoring it with celery, onion, garlic and peppercorns and also a good fragrant chili powder, this soup can be much lighter and just as flavorful.

But just like the other soups, chicken posole still cures what ails you (hangover), soothes the soul, and calms the nerves. Its like when someone is gorgeous and they're also super nice and comforting.

Be sure to have plenty of condiments on hand because this little gal likes to be topped with sliced radishes, cilantro, Mexican oregano, chopped onions and a big squeeze of lime. You can also throw on some cubed avocado. Kick it!!!

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