Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nobody Does It Better, Makes Me Feel Sad for the Rest

When we visited Nashville a couple of weeks ago I was most excited about our potential culinary adventures. I knew we'd hit some dives and some fast food. It became apparent pretty quick though that unless we actually settled somewhere and didn't just drive through towns we'd be forced to do fast food or a chain dinner house, which seemed real odd to me. Could we actually go into a Chili's or a Red Lobster type establishment having been to the crossroads?

In my mind we were eating our way up an imaginary roller coaster and the big thrill ride at the end was going to be this Nashville BBQ. Mind you, we were in and out of that city before most people woke up BUT we both did some research and you have to trust the web at some point. We reached the same conclusion, that Jack's BBQ on Broadway was supposed to carry the town's treasure. And so to Jack's we went. And like I mentioned, it was very descent. Respectable BBQ indeed. No complaints.

But this is how spoiled we are food-wise anyway in New York City. Casually we went to brunch with our good friend the other day and picked the spot on the corner for a BBQ lunch. We're lucky enough to have a BBQ place on the corner, as well as a Thai, a Greek diner, a pizza parlor,a bar, an amazing burger spot and a few others. The Smoke Joint was..I'm gonna say it...better than Jack's. The smoked meat somehow was more tender, more juicy and more flavorful. The sauces, I'm gonna give those to Jack's, although Smoke Joint's are super good too. But the key to really good smoked meat is when you don't find yourself reaching for the sauces right away.

Side dish wise, I'm gonna have to give that to Smoke Joint as well because they have a kick ass Bed Stuy potato salad that rivals any, maybe even your moms. And seasoned fries that are crisp and small and go so well with the flavors. Their beans are incredible with chunks of sausage just in case you start missing the brawn, which you won't because they are TOO tasty.

Corn bread award goes to Jack's. Some of the best I've ever eaten. It wasn't too sweet, yet it was moist and delicious, I'd go on to say addictive. In fact just talking about it makes my mouth water.

We're always complaining about New York, rightfully so 'cause she's a big 'ole mean unrelenting muhthuh but one of the bonuses are that she has some of the most amazing food being cooked on thousands of corners around every borough. And so she may be mean, but that bitch sure can cook!

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