Friday, May 13, 2011

Who Run This Mother? (Girls)!

I bought some pork cutlets, not enough to do much with. We had amazing take out Thai, then those Asian lettuce wraps so it seemed right to keep the flavors East and try a stir fry.
Baby portabella and shiitake mushrooms along with a head of large bok choy, onions, ginger and garlic gave the strips of pork lots of encouragement and support. This recipe ( was easy and something you could change up as you felt. I used pork instead of chicken.

Stir fry make you feel like you can do anything, make any ingredients fit together. You get that heat going and there's no time for second guessing yourself. With a little drop of this or that the whole thing comes together at the end.

I control very little in my life. I can barely ensure that I run properly and timely, let alone anyone else. In the kitchen though, I feel the satisfaction of building on an idea, preparing the food, cutting the vegetables to the right sizes, administering the spices, herbs and seasonings, setting the proper heat, choosing the right pan, understanding the timing, and finally tasting what I had imagined in my mind.

Once in awhile it actually works and I am not just a retailer coworker in an ugly yellow shirt but an amazing kick-ass can-do creative cooking She Ra!

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