Friday, May 6, 2011

Yeah B, I'ma Pick the World Up and I'ma Drop It On Your Fuckin' Head

Do you ever eat out and seem to be enjoying it but then by the time you're midway through you're rethinking the whole experience? When you start out hungry you appreciate any hot dish that comes your way right? But then after you get a little satiated, you can get a bit more thoughtful about your swallows.
I start eating with my eyes like most people. The plate comes. The food looks purdy. Then I add salt (I know, major bad habit - drives P nuts) and dive right in. The first bites I'm still very hopeful that I will love it because as I've said before, I was raised Catholic so basically I start out super grateful that I'm able to even eat out at all, period. I certainly don't deserve it and to then be critical at all is not cool. But I'm human right? Also I watch all these shows where everyone is judged on everything they create. And I work hard for the pleasure of dining out. I do want it to taste good. That seems reasonable. Right?

We ordered and ate lunch at one of our fun spots. Afterwards talking with P I realized his dish wasn't spiced either and he was kinda disappointed with it. But his looked great too. Bummer. But you just have to swallow it and move on. I guess if there was a big piece of glass in it, you would say something. Otherwise, you gotta swallow it, pay for it and then decide if you wanna gamble again at that spot. At least you have choices.

It's not the end of the world. People are losing their houses in floods, real problems. This is not important stuff.

Today I had a bad experience with a coworker. This same little bitch has tormented me for three years. Let's call her Brendy since that's the little bitch's real name. You have to understand that she has worked my last nerve for way too long and I'm so tired of tolerating her particular bullshit. And because we had an altercation today, now I gotta carry all this negative mojo in my head all night going over every detail to see what I could have or should have done or said differently. That's what happens to me. I have these bad scenes go down and then all night they torture my psyche. And what do I do with it? Do I report it? Do I bring in higher authorities - the 23 year-old managers? Does it help anything?

Is this important stuff??

I say it all the time but even the bullshit adds up though. Not the bad food story, that was just my way of tying in so I could go off on my angst rant. But are you just supposed to swallow all these bad shit experiences? Is this what happens to all those reportedly 'nice quiet next door' types before they haul off and wipe out everyone in their office? Is that what happens when you swallow too much? Does this monkey go primal?

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