Monday, May 30, 2011

My Friend Goo

We like thejalapenonyc truck. Its my friend. Its green and the men inside make us tacos to take away and eat under a tree. They provide cold radishes, limes and salsas to squeeze on top. They also have a cooler of ice cold drinks to wash it all down. They make eating good Mexican food affordable and fun.

I know they're not just my friend but must serve several areas of the city. The men probably work really hard in that truck. We appreciate that truck and the work it must take to get that bad boy up and running each week.

Thejalapenonyc truck has been like a little angel magically appearing when we need him on the street.

There are tons of amazing wonderful brunch spots in Brooklyn, with outdoor seating, festive environments and great food. Sometimes though, you just want to whisper in your little green friend's truck ears and tell him I want four tacos por favor. You want to catch them like a butterfly and run off to a babbling brook and show your unicorn. We love thejalapenonyc truck! Goo!

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