Saturday, May 7, 2011

Into the Mystic

Do you ever get the perfect bag of potato chips? I like mine not curled, small and rounded, flat and thickish. Not talking specialty chips, my preferred brand is Lay's regular or Ruffles with ridges - plain salted, no freaky flavors. It's always a crap shoot, I put the money in the vending machine, the bag falls. I know I'll get a bag, but will it be good?

Well this week I got a perfect bag Saturday. Meaning, from breakfast to clean bedding at night, it was the perfect bag of chips. Woke up early, had great coffee, quiet, some web browsing time. Then I went to make breakfast without a clear idea and came up with this entrancing tri-color Mexican flag type migas breakfast plate that made me want to sing flowery songs.

Soft creamy scrambled eggs with cilantro, strips of corn tortillas stir fried with small chunks of turkey kielbasa and onions and then tomatoes for zest and crumbled cojita cheese. Magical Flavah!

We started out just road testing my new horse and wound up at Prospect Park and magically at the entrance of the Botanical Gardens where coincidentally I hoped to visit whilst the Cherry Blossoms were in bloom but figured I never do anything I plan to so I'd already given up. ... And it was beautiful and dreamy and so purrrrrdy! It feels a little Wonderlandy in there from the aromatic garden where you bend and sniff all these little sweet treats to the Japanese Hill and Pond Garden that just takes your worries away as soon as you step foot on the little path. These giant tulips in every color and a giant peony collection.

I know I get my Saturday off of work but just like after putting that seventy five cents in the machine, I never really know what's gonna drop.

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