Sunday, May 8, 2011

Them Was the Days When a Good Cow Punch Could Oil Up His Insides

My sister sort of had a Little House on the Prairie fantasy when we were little. I could actually imagine her in one of those get-ups, the lace up boots and a washer woman's bun. She was rugged, no sissy. I'm sure she could of held down the farm and the ranch hands while her man was away.
I loved watching old westerns too but I'd much rather be one of the cowboys. They got to wear cooler clothes and have nicer horses,drink til they fell down, shoot guns and be outlaws.
Sometimes I like to cook as though I'm on the range over a campfire using high heat and smokey flavors. In the movies I loved when they'd show the guys eating on those metal plates. The food always seemed so rustic and hearty. Where did it all come from? That little satchel? They were carrying coffee, bread, and fixins for stew? That's magical!
I grilled up these cheese and turkey kielbasa quesadillas using charred cubes of meat and onions. I also put some fat free refried beans from a can, mixed in green chiles, leftover enchilada sauce, two cheeses and some pickled jalapenos to make these saucy beans. Simple homespun cowboy food. Giddy Up!

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