Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh Bok Choy Yoouuuuu...You Got What I Need!

Bok Choy is a succulent white Chinese cabbage with dark leafy greens that mends my weary soul. I first discovered its medicinal qualities at Ollie's Noodle Shop in Times Square, when I was working my high stress marketing job.  Its way better than any regular cabbage and actually tastes more like a super celery. When you bite into the stalky white stems there is a burst of slightly bitter wonderment that is hard to describe or forget. The dark greens are as you'd imagine, rich and vibrant deep flavors. I literally crave it from time to time so it may be for the high amounts of Vitamin A or C that it provides.

I thought I'd steam it over white rice and be done with it tonight.  But Woman's Day gave me a great idea to make a quick soup.  They had a purdy picture of a Sausage & Kale soup. /  I already had the amazing leftover onion soup broth and a couple links of spicy sausage.  So I steamed the boy choy, cooked the sausage and put it together with the soup and added some drops of hot chili oil and a bit of soy to make it all come together.  Mmmmmmm. Soup is good food!


  1. Looks good food monkey! I noticed your bamboo steamer. I need to get one. Is there anything I should know about bamboo steamers. I saw one really cheap but it was made of drift wood. Is it important that they be bamboo?

  2. Dear Anonymous - Are you screwing with me? Drift wood? Where are you, Gilligan's Island?!


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