Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Cheese Police, They Live Inside of My Head

My own little personal economic downturn has postponed food projects this week.  The ice storm that cometh cameth and wenteth and now its time for some turkey burgers.  I did a mini brainstorm today on my 15 minute break and decided I could do a way cool cranberry turkey burger since I really like the taste of cranberries and they're good for you and its a good taste together right?  We know this from Tday.  But *they were out of cranberries so I decided to do a macintosh apple instead with some red onions, some leftover black eyed peas, garlic and a nice bright jalapeno.  Ground turkey was 6.99 for a little pack, so I got the ground pork. This is almost a veggie burger, the ground pork is just there to support the beans, apples and onions.  No cheese on these, and I will be serving them open faced. 

Someone mentioned a muffin top the other day and my head spun so fast in horror.  Were they talking about me?!  Then a trip to the doctors office confirmed.  As I got dressed in the harsh fluorescent lighting, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the paper towel holder. there it was...  Muffin top.  No cheese for me.

*They, Brooklyn Fare ( did a little expansion of their own and took over the spot next door and have graduated into one fine market.  They were always amazing but now you can actually move in there and find all that you need.  I took a quick look-see around and I'm sure they'll be making some more changes but it is looking really good.  Their produce is always super fresh and I see they have 'local' signs all over the place even on their prepared foods.  The reason this place has been great for us is because they offer shocking deals on meats but they don't bend you over for the produce either.  I hope it stays that way.  Plus they have all these great organic mexican dried peppers, fresh tomatillos, serrano and chipotle peppers - some things that are hard to find in all markets all the time.  They also make their own 'killer' pico and you get a huge container for $3.99.  The staff is all these very helpful young mexican guys that actually like their job.  I asked for cranberries and one kid said 'Let's not get our hopes down, I'll make sure we're really out of them.  I'll check with the produce guy' ..and then the produce guy actually came out and apologized.  What?? in Brooklyn.  Yes he did.  I wouldn't mind working there. free pico....buying food on sale always..hmm..

Okay, I baked these burgers because I wanted to see if the flavors on the veggies taste noticeably different and taste roasted.  Verdict - baked is very nice.  The burger set up really firm and it was delicious!  I served with some chipotle mayo and sliced avocado over a slice of oat bread and topped with a big slice of red onion and some black pepper and salt Pop Chips.  These don't need no stinking cheese.

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