Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jesus was a Capricorn

We started with cups of hot coffee and a pecan caramel cluster. Then mini toasted blueberry bagels with whipped cream cheese.  More coffee, then poached eggs over toast slathered with herbed sour cream and turkey bacon strips. A tall glass of cold OJ to wash it down.  Ahhh. Heaven is breakfast in bed on Saturday mornings. 
What do you think hell will be exactly?  Watching your own life in high definition realtime from beginning to end?  Yikes!  Actually that might be what you do in purgatory since there is a lot of waiting time there as I recall the story goes. They've probably modernized it a bit since the 60's catechism classes.  Maybe they decked out the hallways with private screening booths, previews of what's to come perhaps.  It takes time to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven.  Maybe longer for some of us.

What would they serve for lunch in hell?  Jack-in-the-Box tacos?  Remember those?  They put a slice of waxy processed cheese on a cardboard factory taco shell...actually it sounds really good right now.

What's fer lunch??!

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