Saturday, February 19, 2011

Full Moon Fever

If I grew claws tonight I wouldn't be a bit surprised.  Another full moon and I'm fit to be tied.  My breath is short, my body aches and I want to debone anyone that looks at me crooked.  Mentally I'm half wolf-half menopausal female, which ain't good.  I have my good moments too though.  One of them was coming up with this too-good orange & zest cream cheese frosting on these 'Stupid Chocolate' Brownies.  I promised homemade brownies for a pal at work that saved me from a bad situation with a customer.

We actually have a full time position dedicated to fixing our departments screw ups.  I don't like sucking up to anyone, especially well, ever actually.  I'm physically unable to do it, which can be a curse. But I screwed up.  I forgot to book out a sink for some old man that drove 90 miles upstate to his second home before realizing he had everything to put his new kitchen together except for his sink.  Whoops!  Its scary how fast these seemingly well mannered city folk can turn ugly on you if you do something like this. So the store had to pay for someone to drive it out there.  Yikes! Took some string pulling on my coworker's part. 
So for doing all this his request was for 'the most chocolaty brownies ever',  So I found a good recipe that combined bittersweet, semi-sweet and dutch cocoa powder, 5 eggs (!) and tons of sugar.  I think they were sufficiently stupid as the kids say.

I bought these super juicy navel oranges and got the wild hair to make a frosting. The fresh squeezed orange juice and zest was a cool breeze on a cloud of creamy goodness.  And the brownies were soft and almost fudge-like.  I left out the nuts or anything that distracted from the pure chocolate bliss. 

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