Wednesday, February 23, 2011

But It Was Too Late, She's Come Undone...


I didn't see the wall coming.  I had every intention of serving my time at the women's prison.  I mean of going to work.  Sure it was a holiday but in retail that only means you're definitely working.  Sure P had a three day weekend and I was green with envy as I rode in the bitter cold in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday while he lay sleeping.  But I had accepted my fate.

But Monday brought more snow just in time for the morning commute. The day before brought..oh, musta been a million screaming kids guessing by the volume they reached and yelling angry customers, while crappy pop music played overhead like the soundtrack to a bad 80's movie. I brought an overload of hormones to the mix along with a stinky disposition. I came home from work a spent, limp lifeless shell in bad fitting skinny jeans.

Upon waking, I deduced the totality of the entire mix of events could only mean one thing - personal day.    I clearly was in no shape to converse with humans.  I had hit a wall.  I had come undone.

After I released myself from my 7.5 hour sentence by calling out, I realized the snow was actually quite beautiful and I was able to have a few laughs and rustle up some breakfast for me and the Pnut.  It turns out the wall was my friend.

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