Monday, February 7, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I don't know Steelers from Packers but I do know snacks.  Or at least I like them. Snacks are my favorite food category.  Sports I could do without but any excuse to make celebrational snacks, is fine by me. I'm just trying to have some fun before I die. I love snacks.  I love something you can eat standing up, with your fingers, a nibble, a bite.  I am a little less attacted to large meals that requre a bit more committment.  Snacks are quick, you can do a variety and they're fun!

Superbowl Sunday for me is a time to have fun by making snacks and watching commercials and
 the Halftime Show.  Even if you don't love the act, at least its usually entertaining. This year, they had those dreaded Black Eyed Peas though.  I can't understand their appeal.  Their performances are chaotic, non-musical disasters in my opinion.  Their flashing outfits were more interesting then their music.  I was hoping for a legendary super group.  I was trying to think of which arena rock-stadium group they could have dragged out there instead.  AC/DC right?  That would be amazing.

So it was all up to the snacks.  I had to work Sunday so I needed to do some prep the night before in order to get the timing down.  I also wanted slightly decadent but semi-calorie concious snacks.

The night before I made Giant Chocolate Toffee cookies with walnuts which were out of this world actually if you love chocolate and toffee.  Had the consistency of a chewy brownie and addictive as hell.  Recipe at

I made a Green Goddess Dip that featured avocados, sour cream, chives, basil and tarragon and lots of freshly squeezed lemon juice.  This was very light and refreshing.  Anything green is fun to eat. This I also found on

The night before I also prepped the Jumbo Thai Shrimp Rolls.  These were good and crispy.  The main thing I took from this recipe is you could do variations on the herbs and seasonings and get a different snack each time.  Recipe from my Greastest Ever Party Food cookbook.

I semi-invented a pizza ball.  I got the idea from one of the websites to put dough in cupcake tins and then pinch it together and I thought that would make a great pizza snack.  I made a quick pizza dough, rolled out little circles, then placed them in the cupcake pan.  I stuffed those with a dab of sauce, ricotta, mini pepperoni, green olives and mozzerella cheese.  They were so cute and tasty.  A nice size.  I think I'm going to play around and perfect this idea.

Mini steak kabobs were the closing act.  I marinated the steak the night before, then threaded chunks with cherry tomatoes, green onions and red bell peppers.  Pretty and tasty!

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