Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jalapenos, Ageless and Evergreen

On my break at work I daydream about what I will make for dinner.  I try to come up with a brilliant idea that I haven't seen before and of course most of the time it doesn't happen . Years ago I thought I had invented Green Chili but after a little searching realized many versions exist on the web. Of course I realized it was no Beef Wellington but I had never made it or seen it on any menu.  
Anyway, so today I am trying a 'Ground Turkey Jalapeno Soup w/Sweet Potato. I wanted to invent something but it had to be using ground turkey because I already took it out of the freezer.

I browned the ground turkey and have it simmering with green bell peppers, garlic and chopped sweet potatoes in a seasoned broth. To that I am adding roasted tomatillos and tons of jalapenos (seeded all but a couple) and onion. I want the flavor and not so much of the heat. Half I blended and half kept whole.

Jalapenos are readily available, cheap and lately huge so I feel they deserve to be the headliner more often.  They have an amazing dark green flavor when you roast them and the tomatillos add a fresh tart citrus kick.  The sweet potato adds color and just a little sweetness. I didn't allow them to get too soft in the soup, so they add substance.  This is almost a fat free soup outside of the bit of olive oil added to roast the vegetables. The spices I kept to the green varieties, like mex oregano, cumin powder & seeds, dried cilantro with the exception of a bit of chili powder to spice the turkey.  But will it top turkey chili verde with beans?

The reviews came in and it they were good!  The soup is very clean and not heavy.  The vegetables are vibrant and stimulating.  It's a light meal in a bowl and just needs a tortilla. We're having it for dinner again tomorrow.

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