Sunday, June 9, 2024

Why Don't You All F-f-f-fade Away!

Fanelli's Cafe - Grilled Chicken Club - Bacon, Gouda, Tarragon Mayo - Fantastic!

When out with friends, it's always a great sign if you forget to take photos.  Actually, I confess this was one of those fails where I thought I snapped a photo but missed my bud's incredible looking grilled Salmon sandwich (tomato, greens, chipotle mayo).  I'm told it was delicious.

This sandwich of mine as far as grilled chicken goes, was probably the best I've had for a few reasons.  The chicken was sliced thin in order not to get that giant bite of blandness.  Instead it complimented the bacon, tomato and greens with the tarragon Mayo giving a nice creamy addition for the toasted bread.  You could grab the diagonally cut half and bite into it without stretching out your mouth.  It stayed together the entire eat. And each bite carried all the ingredients.  That is tough to do and makes the eating experience so much better.  The thin well-seasoned fries were perfect with a nice crisp pickle for crunch.  

If you can look past the waddling tourists in their bermuda shorts and tote bags, these establishments in the Village and SOHO can bring you into another magnificent time.  Fanelli's is one of the oldest food and drink businesses that stayed on the same sight, since 1847.  It has been many things, farm land, a brothel, a grocery store, a saloon, and a speakeasy.  

The white mosaic tiles on the floors and tin ceilings and cavey interior instantly bring you back in time. The ancient wooden door that the waitresses have to open and close while holding 6 drinks in hand is a constant and if you're sitting next to that door, like we were, you'll feel compelled to hold it as many times as you can.  Like every restaurant in the city, the cafe took advantage of adding outdoor seating and it remains, so much of the crowd is seated outside. 

Even though hearing is an issue in many bustling spots, I love the intimacy of stimulating conversation inside, by the bar.  There, we can be ourselves, artists and thinkers, living exciting lives in a city void of foam-soled shoes and spray tans, bad retail jobs and aging body parts. 

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