Tuesday, June 11, 2024

It's Time to Live in the Scattered Sun

Demon Child - Lefty the cat
Spring brings newborns and visitors to New York.  Early spring is the time to come into the world and also to visit the city.  The weather is pleasant and if you stay away from certain areas, the crowds are tolerable.  Late spring amps up to an intolerable crescendo. 

The baby fish and ducklings have arrived at the pier.
If you must visit Times Square, be sure to secure your personal belongings because we have gone back to the days when bad things can and do happen regularly.  Good stuff too but always with a handful of danger attached to it. 

View from the World Trade Center
My niece and family came out to visit from Prescott, Arizona and what felt like yesterday had been 7 years ago (below).  My ultra impressive niece runs a fitness center and dance studio with her husband, puts on musical productions and takes part in competitions as well as choreographs many of them.  They do more in one week than I have done in the last 10 years.  
7 years ago, I walked this poor family all over town without rest to see as many sites as possible in one day.  This time, I met them at Carmine's Restaurant in Times Square before they attended Wicked.

Dinner at Carmine's an old haunt.  We used to frequent this establishment for special lunches with music vendors back in the Virgin Megastore days.  Family-style dining with giant platters to share with your group.  I didn't get photos so these are from the site.
Bolognese but I ordered with Linguini.  We had leftovers after 6 people had portions.
Chicken Parmesan - This was traditional and as they advertise, tastes like dinner at grandma's house.  And it truly does.  It's made well and a cut above the rest. 
House Salad, again enough to serve everyone with leftovers. 
The Titanic for Dessert, kids choice - Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream Over Our Chocolate Torte, Piled High w/ Whipped Cream, Bananas, Strawberries, Candied Pineapple, Hazelnuts, Hot Fudge & Cookie Smokestacks. The first reaction that we managed to pull from the children. 

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