Thursday, June 13, 2024

I'll See You There on Cloud Nine

Once a year, at least, it feels important that Americans get a hotdog in their belly.  Preferably, one adorned with mustard and ketchup, chili or cheese or both.  Maybe relish is your thing.  Dressing it as you see fit, is an integral part of the experience. 
Instead of boiling them, I cooked them and toasted the bun directly on the stovetop grill to mimic outdoor bbq'ing, which is the best of the best ways to enjoy them.  
I served these with the first corn of the season and BBQ potato chips.  This is one of those meals where you check multiple boxes.  Joy, contentment, memory, summer, childhood, happiness.  There are undertones of pools or lakes, boats, blue skies, a loving family, running dogs, chirping birds, popsicles, charcoal burning, mowed grass and the list goes on. 
 Don't allow bad Weiner press to dissuade you from enjoying this summer treat.  Nathan's Hot Dogs are amazing and rated best hot dog brand by Bon Appetit.  I think we can all agree on the important benefit of getting in summertime-feel-good-activity, especially now. 

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