Saturday, June 1, 2024

She Saw the Distance in the Hidden

Wildcat Movie at Angelika 
Years ago my husband had introduced me to Flannery's writing as he had become obsessed reading all her books and letters.  We began reading her stories out loud over coffee.  They read like plays that you could act out as roles including accents and emotions.  She was the inspiration and he featured a song about her on his latest album and also named the record and 2-person band, Kingbird.  We commissioned our artist bud to draw the front artwork giving little detail and she killed it with a proud pen and ink drawing.  I bought little bronze Peacocks to give everyone once the record was pressed.  It has been an adventure having this writer in our lives and to enjoy a well made movie revolving around her stories and part of her life, was a welcome treat  Without any spoiler alerts I will say Maya Hawke did an incredible, job and her character was exactly what I held in my mind as Flannery.
Bird Flannery by Esperanza 19
The final artwork with added sugar and a flying wooden moniker to resemble space flight and stars to hint at the atmospheric sounds created on the Kingbird Record - listen to Mary Flannery

Lombardi's Pizza
After movie pizza.  Neither of us remembered if we'd ever eaten here before but it was exactly what I imagined.  A bustling old timely pizza parlor with red and white table clothes. Excellent crust and toppings, an incredible salad to start and fast waiters that were attentive. The Village, however was overrun by fleshy teenagers in midriffs and shoppers that would better suit the mall.  I don't mean to sound snobbish, the city needs all the tourists it can get and if they're doling out cash, better still.  It's just that I hadn't noticed just how void of interesting looking people the city could be in that area.  Others, they definitely still exist, it's just not as prevalent. 

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