Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Want You to Know You Shaped This Heart of Mine

Diner BBLT - Burger Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato
Having essentially a bacon burger on toast gives happy old school diner vibes to an interesting time of lunch meals with music buyers and friends at the Evergreen Diner in Times Square back in my record store days.  A place for the locals instead of tourists and male waiters that never wrote anything down even for a party of 8.  A magical space where time stood still in mostly good ways.  I mean you wouldn't want to go the the bathroom or look too closely at the kitchen but they all still considered this a legitimate job.  These grown men had full lives as evident in their faraway eyes as they smoked cheap cigarettes down to the end right outside of the front entrance before squashing the butt on the sidewalk with their shoe like bad ideas.  A place to be remembered.  Nothing was great, but everything was just right.
Evergreen Coffee Shop Restaurant - Gone but not forgotten

New buddy; Lefty 'Karl' Goodman from Murray, Kentucky

This little kitty has famous lineage as he was adopted for us by S.G. Goodman herself, the highly gifted singer also from Kentucky. 

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