Sunday, May 5, 2024

Que Rechula es la Fiesta

I love spring in New York with the rains, flowering plants, old buildings, old everything.  Before the summer crowds and heat set in. 

I took a Tesla Uber home from work and the dash was like a spaceship and almost the entire roof was glass.  It's lightyears from the Smith and 9th subway station and B61 bus.
Roasted Chicken with Lemon, Potato and Chickpeas

Breakfast Tacos for Cinco de Mayo
Listen, no one celebrates this holiday in New York and basically, no one even understands it or cares to.  For me, it's one day to think about heritage and that's about the extent of it, other than a chance to make something Mexican.  Breakfast griddle tacos are easy, one pan and quick.  

On one end of the pan I toast the tortillas and melt cheese. On the other, I grill my vegetables and very quickly cook the eggs before stuffing and folding the tacos.  

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