Sunday, May 12, 2024

Think San Francisco, I Know You Are Stoned

Original Joe's 144 Taylor Street - now gone
I remembered an old Italian restaurant, Original Joe's on Taylor Street in San Francisco.  Fine Italian food said the sign, with a charcoal broiler.  People frequented late at night languishing in giant booths and equally old clientele mixed in with drunken hipsters partaking in the cocktail lounge.  I believe they served calves liver and steak but the bonus that impressed me most was that you could order spaghetti as a side, which at the time, I thought was revolutionary.   I know it now to be a staple of restaurant sides but culinary naivety fades slowly. 
I recreated the dish for a carnivorous biggie girl supper.
My husband's record, Kingbird is playing right next to a display of Taylor Swift air-freshener at Amoeba Records in LA.  An honor given to us by a good friend that I also coincidentally met in San Francisco and believe is revolutionary. 

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