Thursday, May 16, 2024

But if Baby I'm the Bottom, You're the Top!

Dos Pizzas - Sausage, salami, mushroom and onions with Ricotta and Mozzarella. 
My tiny oven struggles to get hot enough for the best crust but I stretched the dough to make two thin pies, which helps

I bought fresh pizza dough from the deli and decided to test if it's best to put the cheese on top or layered on the bottom over the sauce.  I've had and liked pizza both ways but figure one has to be superior over the other.  In the end, visually, it's more enticing to see all the toppings and I love when the meats and onions crisp up on the edges, otherwise they end up steaming under the blanket of cheese.  My test proved, the best method is sauce, cheese, and then toppings.  However, in searching online, there is a healthy debate so perhaps preference should be the final decision maker. 

Lunch box meals - PIzza often doesn't microwave well, so I stacked two pieces on top of the other for a boxed lunch the next day. After microwaving it turned into a soft casserole type deal that I could eat with a fork,  Surprise food bonus!

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