Monday, June 24, 2024

In the Merry Old Land of Oz

A trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art inspired by my pal's recent visit to Spain.  She shared so many incredible pics of her trip that it made me hungry for fine art. 

Walking around the upper East Side is an experience of it's own.  The cleanliness, the doormen, ladies walking around bandaged from recent face surgeries, the architecture and all around different feel then, even the Upper West Side.  And then entering this gorgeous building you're immediately flooded with incredible works of art that leave you speechless.  It can be overwhelming, so we centered on a handful of artists and exhibits before fleeing the growing crowds in search of real food.  
El Greco - Jesus 

I had never ventured up to the rooftop deck but it's breathtaking and the view of the park with the high rises in the distance is like viewing Oz while jacked up on poppies.  Popping up into the fresh air with the wind and bright sunlight leaves you in a haze.

A great feature of both the upper and west sides are the remaining ancient diners.  This one however, upped their food game.  I was completely set to eat a mediocre over-priced grilled cheese but instead ordered the grilled chicken with tarragon and P's cheeseburger was a dream, as was the coleslaw.  Our tanned, blonde buxom waitress, asked us in a sultry voice if 'we were hahhhppy?' and P decided she must be an actress. I thought more along the lines of exotic dancer. 
EJ's Luncheonette at 3rd and 73rd.  The sprawling eating areas extended to an outdoor patio that provided a fun street view.  

A plan to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge collapsed into a timewarp where we boarded an express train that took us right to our local stop.

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