Thursday, June 20, 2024

Somebody's Gotta Win, Somebody's Gotta Lose

I envy the rush that people who care about sports get when their team is winning or losing.  All the high emotions.  I can only watch in curiosity like your pet stares at you when you're dressing.  It's something I can't seem to partake in. 
The way I can participate in this major part of my partners life is to bring on the snacks.  
Cheese Nachos with cherry tomatoes, fresh guacamole and salsa.  This snack may serve as dinner if you overeat, especially if you make two trays. 

This particular Cardinal's game was played on Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Alabama and they brought out some of the Negro League players.  It was moving, even for a non-baseball fan.  Like much of America's past, the history of this place is both cringe worthy and heartening.  
99 year old Rev Bill Greason (pictured above being interviewed), who grew up across the street from Martin Luther King Jr, mentored a young Willie Mays when Greason was already a 23-year-old war veteran and is one of the last two remaining 1948 Black Baron players, speaks so fondly of those times and keeps a deep love of the game. We can't change the stupidity of the not so distant past but to hear this true American speak is humbling and inspiring,  

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