Saturday, June 29, 2024

Whoo Hoo, Witchy Woman

Castro's Mexican Restaurant in Clinton Hill
Mexican breakfasts at Castro's this morning.  We passed by all the slightly upscale spots for a more casual environment.  We sat in the enclosed front area where there was a very nice cool breeze. I got the Mexican scramble with a side of sad looking bacon.  
P got the Chorizo scramble.  Both came with beans and rice and flour tortillas.  Gone are the days when you are given chips and sauce to begin a meal.  Every little bit counts these days for restaurants and I realize nothing is free, but a tiny bit of pico de gallo would have perked these plates up or a small stack of lettuce, tomato and onion.  My folks ran a Mexican restaurant and their plate presentation game was tight. You first eat with your eyes and that is important to how the customer remembers the experience which in turn affects their desire to return.  I can't say enough about all the small details.  Friendly staff, coming back to see if everything is okay, coffee refills.  I couldn't do it, it's truly an art.  I was a terrible waitress and realized it after a few hours trying it one night. 

Immediately after finishing the meal, we left to walk home, I felt a virus come on strong and by the time we reached home I had to go directly to bed and called out the next day.  It is unclear how I was affected so soon after the meal and I am a little spooked by the mean waitress that we've had before.  I halfheartedly believe that some women have abilities to put curses on you, and this lady gave me scary vibes.  It's unclear whether I'll be able to resist coming back for their amazing Chilaquiles.

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