Sunday, June 16, 2024

Make it Simple, to Last Your Whole Life Long

Bacon Cheeseburger and onion rings from La Bagel Delight!
It's better that one does not comprehend how much better they could be living and eating in order to stay grateful for the little things, like hamburgers from a deli.  I choose to celebrate ground beef.  Its versatile and what could be more American than hamburgers?  I would argue even more than hotdogs in some ways.  No matter the level of wealth or breeding, everyone admits to being a sucker for a good burger. 

Coincidentally, my nephew has discovered and is recreating a famous street food item in Mexico called Tacos de hamberguesa 'Don Tono' to sell at his burger joint.  A hamburger patty with onions on the grill between two warmed corn tortillas and a very hot salsa molcajete.  For cooling relief, a squirt of lime and guacamole is recommended.  So simple, but he says they are delicious.  I believe him because his pictures alone have inspired me from his burger pop-up, Truck and Trowel.  And it makes sense because one of the best things in life is a charred weiner between a warm flour tortilla. No cheese, no condiments.  It remains true that the simplest pleasures are the best.

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