Sunday, May 9, 2021

Oh Baby, Just You Shut Your Mouth

Here and there in moments of desperation and deep hunger I have created the perfect meal for my specific individual craving of the day.  In this example, I had leftover roast chicken but I really needed silky noodles sliding down my throat real soon or I might just disintegrate into the ether.  I reheated the chicken and vegetables in a pan with a little chicken broth, tons of garlic chili sauce, soy and sesame oil.  Served over naked vermicelli it became the ultra hot Asian dream dish I desired. 

Another amazing discovery was this Pure Green juice featuring apple cider, ginger, cayenne and lemon.  What an eye opener!  So much so that I could only take in 2 sips at a time, which is good because it was $8 and change for the 8 ounces and it ended up lasted a few days.  

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