Monday, May 10, 2021

I Try to Be Me, You Try to Be You

Pork Chops, roasted cauliflower and fried eggs for dinner
There's nothing better than a surprisingly satisfying dinner creation when you started out thinking there was not a meal to be made.  These items in the fridge didn't go together but they turned out tasting like a rustic dinner plate served up at a countryside bed and breakfast (and I have no idea where I got that since I have never been to either).  A warm low carb tortilla to sop up the creamy egg yolks!  Curried roasted cauliflower and a spice rubbed pork chop.  
Sometimes I'm shocked at the way we can live with these people, our partners, day in and day out, for decades!  It's an impossible waltz, living two separate lives, yet also together.  How it all sort of flows harmoniously, without collisions, like the traffic in India.   Once in awhile you'll have a wreck and it will be bad.  But you learn to feed off their presence and encouragement to continue moving along these invisible paths we're all on.  In the end, we all walk alone but being married doesn't suck.
I'm also shocked by the talent of our mutual friend who has just released his album Scene to Scene.  His wife did the gorgeous artwork for the album and video and it arrived in the mail on this day.  

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