Wednesday, May 26, 2021

I'm Gonna Soak Up the Sun

P's 2nd Vaccine Shot
Cafe Luluc on Smith Street

Only one fixated on Mexican food in New York would order a Mexican breakfast at a French bistro.  But it was one of the specials and I noticed as always, there was Mexican cooks in the back.  I wasn't at all disappointed.  The raw jalapenos and tomatoes were bright and refreshing as was the giant dollop of the most perfect guacamole and crema, that tasted like the best sour cream and onion dip.  The black beans were creamy and smooth and the white rice was the perfect palate cleanser.  What they achieved was the most vibrant, tangy breakfast.  I love heat from raw jalapenos.  They must have mixed in the tomatoes right at the end because they too were still raw, juicy and fresh without making the eggs watery.  I make a ton of scrambles and there is a real art to keeping the ingredients separate and able to pop individually.  

This would conclude our vaccine shot breakfasts on Smith Street.  It was about 1000 degrees at noon and the sun was so bright on us that no one else dared eat on the street patio.  I monitored P, scared he might start feeling ill for the ride home but all turned out well.  It's also so refreshing to look back on this two months later and realize how much better and stronger we both feel physically.  

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