Friday, May 28, 2021

Cash in Now Honey, Cash in Now

I used the Flatbread which is the size of a flip-flop to make quick pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, green olives (a Midwestern thing), onions.  You could go Mexican with this and top it with beans, cheese, cabbage, tomato, pickled peppers, onions and soyrizo would be awesome.  Or do a Greek salad atop it.  Breakfast flatbread is great too.  
It's a blank canvas and can be anything, I suppose. 
We have a rash of new leaders in my store that seem to be much more progressive leaning than anyone who's governed before.  We're about as politically correct as you could imagine.  I am trying to cash in on a bit of this finally for personal gain.  These days if you're more of an 'in the middle' kind of person, not particularly anything, you get no perks or benefits in daily life.  People expect you to buck up and deal with all the blows.  Not only that, it's hard to even fight for small, equal rights.  I've written before about hard it has been to get my request validated, to use my nickname at work because for whatever personal reason, I cannot STAND hearing my legal name without feeling ill.  So this has gone on for years.  It's a weird thing that I understand but not fully.  Regardless, it's not much to ask my place of 13 years employment! 
In the summer, I wear my hair back and in general, I think I'm looking a little more gender-less than many of the naturally voluptuous, big wigged, false eyelash wearing gals I work with.  I wear my husband's white tee shirts riding in to work because I'm cheap and baggier pants because I do not have an ass you could support a lunch tray on like many of the young girls there.  I don't wear much makeup because I'm still masked all day anyway.  All this, along with my request to the newbies to be called by my nickname, has possibly lead to the assumption that I am gender neutral (which by the way is a goal look for me) or something because that appeal suddenly has been validated.  People that have never spoke to me, know my name and have addressed me like I achieved some high honor.   Not only that but the managers have come and told me they've tried to spread the word and were apologetic even when my full name was put on the daily schedules by mistake a few times. Wow, I could get used to this treatment.   

Disclaimer: I realize that in other areas of the country these issues are real battles and not to be made light of but you also can't ignore pockets where we're unnecessarily bending over backwards, cowering to groups with such guilty  intensity while ignoring equally valid needs of the middle that it has become almost ridiculous and frustrating.  

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