Wednesday, June 2, 2021

This Is How We Do It

Sometimes in retail one works six day stretches due to two weeks of schedules flowing together.  At my job every single week is a different schedule and that includes times of days, days of weeks and whether there will be days off together or split.  Without whining, that makes it very tough to prepare meals in any consistent way.  It feels like someone took your life, put it in a jar and shook it vigorously.  That's the bad part.
The good part is when I finish a stretch, there is room for a slight celebration and since we're still staying in, that can consist of a pizza party.  Our delicacy pizza parlor closed, but we still have Not Rays on the next block and it's become better tasting now that we'd don't taste the comparison.  In keeping with the theme, buying giant slices of various toppings and cutting them up into squares creates more of a snacking party atmosphere.  I only had to prep a side salad and my job was done.   

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