Thursday, June 3, 2021

When Your Life Has Worn You Out, You'll Have the Past Left For You to Think About

Pork Chop smothered in Shiitake mushroom sauce

Did you hear that the FBI found no evidence to support charging Ryan Adams of a crime and had closed it's investigation? You know Ryan, the musician that was cancelled by our woke culture due to bad behavior back in 2019? What became of all those broken young women that fell victim to this evil-doer? Mandy Moore seemed to have a stellar few years and same with Phoebe Bridgers. I watched her on SNL, she was awesome. I guess after marrying and dating him, they both realized he was not the prince charming or musical partner they had hoped for. I've dated assholes. It sucks. I hope the others have survived their experiences with half the success as the other two. I mean that sincerely but also sarcastically.
I figured his personal and business matters had smoothed over and was eager to hear the new offering, Big Colors. Instead, I came across this article, where the writer laments, 'this guy just won't go away' and goes on to say how he was so surprised at the audacity of Adams putting out another recording. Wow. Really?

As I sat eating my delicious tender pork chop, I thought, Good Lord! What would you have him do? He's a freaking musician. I'm verklempt. Seriously, this has become In the article, some punk writer and his colleagues are discussing whether Adam's is worthy of redemption, his remorse not yet great enough. That his public accountability fell short in their eyes. There is no updated testament from the actual gals that allegedly were mistreated. This from, InsideHook, the self proclaimed, go-to news and luxury lifestyle recommendation platform for the 'affluent on the go gent'.

Hold my beer.

So let me get this straight. With no remorse of it's own, woke culture and the New York Times, laid out a story that not only fueled the embers to cancel Mr Adams as a person, but a musician including all his upcoming releases, his tour, his record label and basically took his career back to level one. Boy, he must have been one bad hombre, you say? No, that's just the thing. No crime was committed, no one died, no one was raped or beaten, in fact everyone looks to be breathing and just fine, some even better than before. In fact the FBI dropped the investigation way back in the fall of 2019. It's been two years! But that's not enough for the social justice warriors. Now, this magazine geared to rich guys that need their opinions spoon fed to them, feels it needs to troll Adam's atonement efforts and block any future efforts to work? Until when? The almighty self appointed holders of right and wrong deem it okay? Or perhaps they'd have him burn forever in the fiery pits of hell. Wow guys, you might do real well in one of the Far Right Extreme groups.

My dinner was so delicious tonight and so I stopped to give thought to how tight someone's ass has to be to write an article like this. How sick and tired I am of certain elements of woke culture. They're bullies. They're irrational, self righteous narcs. How incredibly rigid the world must be for this poor writer. I figure he must be a misguided soul that hopefully had good intentions. How when one has walked through some life, you learn to avoid damning others. That it doesn't serve you well, nor does it help anyone or anything. And that it's not about paying attention to what others are doing wrong but trying to do right yourself. It's hard you know, Mr Eric R. Danton, lover of sourdough bread, to stay straight, to always do the right thing. This might not be your particular weak area but rest assured my friend, you have one and when you fall upon it, I hope the words you chose in this article come to mind. You'd be surprised at some of the dumb shit you'll need to forgive yourself for eventually. So in that vein, I'm going to wish this little prick bully motherf&*3er rag well and I also do mean that sincerely, because we are all out here making mistakes constantly. That's what life's about. We should always try to learn from them and when possible and in kinder ways, we can always try to guide our brother to the right path.

This is still not about the man, Ryan Adams and yet it is to a degree now, because he is a victim as much as these women, in my view. He was treated severely unfair in the new court system, death by Twitter. Not by his own victims but by people who have taken it upon themselves to rule who is worthy to be an artist, an actor, director, comedian. That's wrong and even though there are thousands who agree with this disgusting behavior, that will never make it right and it's something I will never get behind.

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