Friday, June 4, 2021

Oh, the Water

There is so much garbage floating in the stagnant waters behind work this week. It's been this way for about 11 days.  It's as if the water forgot how to keep moving.  It's not good.  Standing at the pier, leads me to think of this year's extreme drought conditions in the west, and warming waters, bacteria growing, garbage, lack of oxygen, disease.  Boy the mind can really catch momentum with all the real fears it has to work with these days.  I felt so bad for the ducks that were forced to feed and swim in these waters.  I can't look them in the eye, feeling shame, knowing this is all man-made awfulness that they must live in.  The good thing is ducks rarely want to look you in the eyes.  Geese, are a different story. 
I was so happy to focus on the wild flowers growing in the community garden.  When left alone, all the beauty that nature brings with just a few rain showers in the spring is magnificent. 

I also obsess a bit with these locked up garden spaces that become like art exhibits.  This particular one is in Red Hook and grows wild mint that I come to pick before heading in and stash leaves in my pocket to suck on.  I have to reach my hand in between the fence wire to grab it.  The herb keeps me calm when dealing with humans.  
At work even though I had brought my lunch, I took advantage of the free cheese burger!  I was going to wait for the new batch of fries to come out but the guy that works the staff cafeteria is mentally impaired and I could see he was becoming agitated coping with the inability to finish serving my order before starting the next person, so I just settled for the chips.  Lately I feel very aware of being a sloppy, privileged human. 

Finally, a big storm to wash all the stank away


  1. Could there ever be enough water to wash all of our sins away???!

    1. It would take a flood of biblical proportions­čść☺️


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