Monday, June 28, 2021

All the Things that I Used to Say, Have Gone Out the Window

I sometimes sit and daydream behind work on these giant steel chaise chairs.  The sky can offer up some amazing portraits.

A Pizza Slice Party
Some might say (in my head), Too many pizza parties this year.  But to that I reply, also in my head, and to no one, 'I've always had this fear that if the world were to end suddenly, that I would be the moron working until 10pm that night and the lights would go out while riding home on my bicycle somewhere in Red Hook, Brooklyn, USA'.  I've worried my strict behavior might rob me of all the fun in life because even though I've done horrible, immoral, lewd, tawdry things in my past, the last 30 years have been severely tame.  And I do believe our civilized world is crumbling a bit and we could be in for some major dire events.  Before anything too earth-changing happens,  I would like to think if nothing else, that I've eaten as much pizza as I wanted in this lifetime.  

I mean, this girl is looking at 60 coming straight at her like a comet.  My 65 year old coworker joked that she had a sex dream about Mark Ruffalo.  First of all, ewww!  I could understand some finding him attractive but his voice makes me mental.  Anyway, in the dream she was only 30 years old and the most gorgeous version of herself.  I said, "I'll do ya one better, about a year ago, I banned myself from appearing in any of my sexual fantasies, period and have replaced me with entirely different people."
Just as having slices of delicious pizza more often because life is not what we thought is a fitting, healthy reaction, within reason, of course.  A celebration of sorts that we are to enjoy our lives when we can and not concern ourselves too much with what we should be doing or could be doing, or what is normal.  Because clearly, normal has gone out the window.

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