Saturday, May 8, 2021

Doesn't Take Much to Make Me Happy

Sheet pan chicken and vegetables
It has come to my attention that I have been living life all wrong.  The simplest advice seems to be the most complex and all encompassing.  When I cook, I thought I was present naturally, but turns out, I basically sleep through most tasks and work.  Perhaps the mind tricks you to pay attention to it's thoughts whilst you're doing something easy.  Many parts of the day, I check out and go on autopilot, or inside, spending too much time with bad mind ideas.   I tasked myself to stay present and aware while brushing my teeth, showering, cooking and washing the dishes.  Just changing my focus on those basic chores enriched my entire day.  Cutting and washing the vegetables felt like a sacred ritual.  There is romance and poetry to some of these chores.  Checking the doneness of the chicken or being there when you rinse that glass to crystal clear, becomes these full moments, that you don't want to miss because it feels healing to be in them.  Try it!   
 Try tossing all your vegetables together with spices and oil before laying them on a sheet pan.  There is nothing better than roasted vegetables.  

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