Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Does She Come Complete?

I'm writing this at the end of June when the lovely Jill Biden was featured on the cover of Vogue.  I didn't read the whole article but she does seem like someone I would like, as a person.  Sometimes a smile tells big stories.  Melania Trump, in live interviews, really felt like someone that I would not care for.  As a first lady, I felt she was a terrible ideal based on her words, but I also felt for her because like all of us, she might have been equally as shocked by her forced position.  I was one of those women who fantasized about rescuing her from her piggish husband until I realized she was there by choice.  I'll still be happy if someday it comes out she hated his policies and ways of communicating but I'll lose no more sleep waiting for that. 

When I saw the cover of Vogue, the first thing I thought was how surprised I was that Melania was not featured on every single fashion magazine as first lady because in that respect, she most definitely brought the heat.  I found her stunning and gorgeous at every turn.  Her legs in pumps looked strong and capable. Beforehand, she would dress in that stupid, old-fashioned 'sexy' look, pushed up fake boobs and tight squeezed-in bodice.  But she really pulled it off, in my opinion, in dressing the part.  Fashion magazines like Vogue do stories on strong women but this was a no-brainer.  Our first lady was visually striking, a former model with a heavy fashion sense.  And no one chose to feature her?  Shame on them.  Really, we have to call out bullshit no matter who is doling it.  I think especially now.  That was petty and mean.  

So I watch one news clip of the take from the right and instead of just acknowledging Melania should have been featured, instead they take the ugly side of saying how little Jill has done, really horrible jabs, as you would expect from Fox.  Why is everyone so ugly right now???   

Jill should most definitely be featured, as she is such a positive role model and of course a more relatable figure.  But so should Melania, for her looks and fashion sense, and in fairness, her story as well.  She could be an influencer to some.  Possibly if they would have done an interview, we may have found some depth to her as well.  She has an amazing American immigrant story, another first which makes her a person of interest.   

That's what's so shitty about everything right now, the hypocrisy of it all.
Well, what do you do when the world's going to hell in a handbasket?  Made chicken salad! Eggs, chicken, apple, celery, in a yogurt-mayo combo with lemon.  I prepared in a salad bowl, with smoked bacon Gouda and crackers, then wraps for another meal.  

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