Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Together We Burn, Together We Burn Away

Tostada's versus Tacos
With the mainstreaming of Taco Tuesday and just about everyone loving tacos, I am coming out today as a Tostada advocate.  They are similar, in ways. The main deviation lies in the tostada's flat bed, the crunchy base, in which to mound a sufficient layer of meat and creamy beans to act as the glue for all the other stuff.  It changes the bite entirely from a taco, which is generally folded, soft corn tortillas with meat, onion and maybe some pico de gallo and lime.  A handy delicacy that I would never refuse but different, nonetheless.  More of a treat, the taco, while tostadas for me, are an event.  Hefting the loaded disc up to your mouth, trying to balance the serious, savory items on the bottom and then all the colorful, fresh, cool sassy bits on top.  The mullet of Mexican food, one might say. Whether it be cabbage or lettuce, tomatoes, onions, there is always room for cheese, sour cream or guacamole and then cilantro, green onion, jalapeno slices. In fact, it's almost impossible to stop stacking! THAT full pyramid of delight is what really makes Tostadas my choice.
In this world, there are taco people and tostada people.  As I concentrate on our universal connectivity, I can't help but notice there are also key differences, you really can't ignore.   In a similar comparison, the other day P likened he and I to Jay Farrar and Jeff Tweedy from Uncle Tupelo, rivaling Midwestern mates who went on to create separate careers and bands.   I would say, a great example of a taco and a tostada.  He claims I'm Tweedy, the goofy one who people originally discounted as not as talented but who has an odd spunk that made him more attractive to the masses and who went on to have the bigger success.  He being Farrar, the moody, introspective genius that didn't quite get the kudos he deserved, but as he says, clearly the more talented of the two.  I don't know about all of that.    

All I know is, in my recent past I would swim in the broody, sun-downing sounds of Son Volt.  Jay's voice for me, brings up the sweet, summer's end smell of my Midwestern youth, regret and lost hope.   A field of lightning bugs at dusk, loud chirping of crickets and that stale beer stench in my car from the night before.  That was comforting to me, to wallow in bleak memories.  Lately, I am not as much a fan of embracing the past gloom.  Romantic as it can be, it's not a healthy place to dwell for too long.
Tweedy is much more optimistic and celebratory.  Music you can clean your house by, energetic and uplifting.  When he sings on problems, you know he'll continue on and there is no fear of him giving up.  Even though he's struggled with addictions, his problems seem more simple, common and relatable as he relays them in interviews. 
In my summation, I guess we are a mixture of both at any given time.  But I always thought I would be Jay.  I guess I'm just a Tostado person in love with a Taco. 

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