Monday, May 10, 2021

And Show the World All the Love in Your Heart

Beautiful Colorful Tostadas!  Shrimp with purple cabbage with a sour cream dressing for the win!  And then baked ground beef with refried beans falls into second as no slouch.  Tostadas need a bed for the toppings to stick to so when you pick it up nothing goes tumbling off.  I love experimenting with a variety of choices like guacamole, beans, yogurt, crema, hummus, mashed sweet potatoes, so many ideas!  I bake the tostada shells usually but sometimes you gotta fry those puppies to that perfect crisp.  These were special but very simple to make.  Instead of sides, make these the entire meal to simplify even more.  
Carole King is right, you've got to get up every morning with a smile on your face!  And to achieve that, I continue to end my evenings with visions of beefy waves and young surfers enjoying the planet.  My husband thinks I'm going to run off with some sun bleached blonde named Freedumb one day but in reality, I watch like a vampire in my dark cavey room.  Youth enjoying the blue ocean in the sun after the pandemic is therapeutic.  After holing up so long and getting kicked in the gut by life,  I tend to feel like Nosferatu all pale, unattractive and ancient and these guys and gals just help me to remember that you are as young and beautiful as you feel.  

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