Monday, February 24, 2020

Wouldn't It Be Nice?

Meatballs in Chimichurri Sauce with wedge baked fries
As far as inexpensive weeknight meals go, this is a winner (thanks Jo Cooks!! ).  I was thrilled to make Chimichurri again this time not as a marinade but as a sauce.  I was told by my Argentinian friend that you should never chop the herbs but rather hand tear them, which would take forever.  Instead I scissor cut them which felt less invasive than my first idea, to use a food processor.  There is an art to getting that Cinderella effect balance of garlic, vinegar and herbs as well as shallot, red pepper.  You'll know when it's right but keep working until it's magic, I promise it's worth it.
When you zero in, you can see my sloppy handiwork on these shallots but take your time to chop with consistency because this is a pretty and delicate, as Jo says, herbalicious sauce.
I'm writing this in late March, well into the Pandemic.  I haven't been able to watch the nightly Coronavirus updates from Trump, or even read quote captions.  I've been able to keep fairly positive and upbeat throughout this.  I've never once thought I needed or wanted to be lead per say.  In my adult life, I've never felt the desire to have a president chime in and ease my mind.  Tonight in a very low moment I just couldn't help but wish that Obama could take the mic, just for a few weeks, until we get over that hump we're trying to flatten.  Give us some of that soothing I'm-gonna-make-it-all-better voice.  Tell us in long grammatically correct sentences how we're going to get through this.  Wouldn't that be cool? 

Chimichurri Sauce - if you haven't, you just gotta

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