Sunday, February 9, 2020

See Your Sunrise Loves To Go Down

I wake up this morning, it's beautiful, the sun hasn't come up yet but it will become a gorgeous day, if your idea of gorgeous like mine is raining, cold and grey.  It's 6:30am and I just catch P finding music to take on his road trip in the quiet apartment, ready to head out.  I walk him out and lock the door.  Then I realize, I am solo on my birthday.  To some that might be sad but I was off from work with the whole day to eat and be merry, besides we celebrated days before, so technically, I got two days.  I can do nothing or do something.  I can cook or get take out.  I can watch movies, take a walk in the park or stay in my pajamas all day.  Immediately, of course the thoughts go to food.  So as not to get overwhelmed, I break it up into meals.  Breakfast would need to be addressed quickly, I mean since I'm up at this ungodly hour.  I drink my one cup of coffee, sipped to unreasonable lengths of time in order to savor that special time of day when all things are still possible.  Also it gives time to contemplate.  You forget sometimes to check in with yourself.  How do you feel? Are you well, do you need any specific care, like a hair cut or facial creams, a doctor's check up, new walking shoes?  After a few minutes I decide my only inner thoughts are; what's for breakfast?
I could thaw out my store bought tamales and try to make a sauce, then poach some eggs over that.  Sounds amazing.  I don't go that way because I wait a few minutes too long to make my plans a reality and hanger has set in.  Instead I move to plan B which consists of soy chorizo and eggs with tiny potato chunks, bell pepper and onion.
Soy Chorizo and Eggs
I worried all day of pre-mature mastication, meaning that I would think so long about my choices that I would end up having to pull something together quickly.  I envisioned an all day pasta marathon, experimenting with tapas-like plates of different noodles and sauces.  I wanted to recreate my sister Terry's famous meat sauce and even though this was so flavorful, it was nothing like her thick rich sauce.  I suffered a bit from not allowing it to simmer and too many whole tomatoes but the fresh herbs and tons of garlic made up for it, plus I splurged for real Parmegiano Reggiano.  I took the extra step of heating some sauce in a pan, adding the noodles al dente with some pasta water to get that silky awesome gloss.  It is incredible how much flavor the noodles can pick up when you do that step.  Some might say, too good because after a giant plate I realized I may have to rethink my endurance plan.

I was able to set the stage of my rainy day afternoon with candles and lots of good teas sent from my sis, as well as these great chocolate truffles.  Yet another birthday treat, was a long hot shower with these wonderfully scented soaps.  I was able to lay out my clean clothes and get the bathroom nice and toasty warm without my husband (God bless him) coming in, throwing my stuff on the floor before leaving the door open and letting all the heat out.  That is a huge luxury you might understand if you share a teeny, tiny bathroom with a hominid.
Surprisingly I was able to spring back later to make a delicious Spaghetti Carbonara.  Simple but perfect with the right balance of silk, cheese, black pepper and bacon.  I love the way you must move like a real Chef to make this dish.  It's fast and delicate at the same time.
An extra gift came in the form of a rice crispy treat ice cream waffle cone surprise in the freezer left by P.  I was afraid it wouldn't keep fresh but this was off the charts!  Layers of textures.

A full moon illuminated the night sky.  58 is certainly not a sweet spot for a woman.  I could give a laundry list of downsides to being a older gal in this world but I will say pulling out of the physical realm is so much easier when all your earthly charms are receding.  It just may be a blessing in disguise.

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