Thursday, February 27, 2020

All The Pans That I Have Made, This Is the One

Sheet pan breakfast - It Pandelicious!
You've heard of sheet pan dinners, this is a sheet pan breakfast!  Please, hold your applause but yes, I share your excitement.  Breakfast for me is the worst meal to clean up.  Disposing of the grease, the separate pan for eggs and then another pan for sides, it's all so draining.  I was thrilled to consider pulling off the foil from just one pan. No scrubbing needed.  But the benefit doesn't stop there.  This tasted fantastic!  I was able to throw in frozen spinach, potatoes, tomatoes and chick peas to make it a food festival on a tray.  Cooking the bacon on the rack above the tray allowed the drippings to fall down onto the rest and well, you can taste where I'm going here.  You can't do this with fatty bacon though but this was perfect, just a small release. Enough to flavor everything.  It was not only one pan easy clean up, but ended up being the only meal needed for the entire day. 

Drop the eggs like they're hot on top about 10 minutes before finished

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