Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Snow Falls Hard and Don't You Know?

Beginning of what will be a super mild winter.
P makes dinner!  This time a meatloaf that looked burnt at first glance but was so delicious with that corner brownie type of deal going on.  Inside, very moist and flavorful.  But for me the highlight were these incredible green beans and mushrooms.  He said it was just a little butter but they were heaven, almost as if they melded into one mooshroom because he had left them on low for an hour. Isn't it great when something tastes amazing by surprise or accident?  Just like it's such a shock when P decides to cook.  One day we'll look back on these times when he knew I was working or feeling blue and was thoughtful enough to prepare a whole dinner for us without having to be asked.  It's less rare now, and yes I blame myself for not starting our coupling on a more equal footing, but it was instinctual.  Maybe I figured I had something to offer without much effort at the time, thinking someday it may not flow so freely.  He might of just felt like making a meal tonight and maybe it had nothing to do with me.  He may have craved a descent meatloaf, since I'm not the best at cooking American dishes, nor Mexican for that matter.  But he did it, and it's completely appreciated.  We've weathered lots of winters both mild and bitter cold. 

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