Thursday, December 5, 2019

Get Out of My Life, And Let Me Sleep At Night

My husband doesn't eat leftovers for reasons I can't comprehend.  This is one of those things that I can never accept and be at peace with.  You think you are connected with someone, understand what's important, you know they know the definition and value of good food.  Yet, there is leftover roasted chicken and sliced pork loin, with Polenta and mushrooms in the refrigerator and he doesn't touch it.  He was here, he was hungry.  Surely he looked in the refrigerator at some point.  Well just like the gratuitous waiting time for eating that last slice of pizza, I gave a day grace period and then I took all the meat to work for a fabulous late night dinner.   I had to eat it.  I couldn't think of much else just knowing it was in there waiting to be eaten.
Mona the cat is my people.  She knows how to relax and enjoy the sunshine.  She really lives in the moment.  Well, she loves to sleep, be warm and seems to be at peace.  

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