Tuesday, December 24, 2019

I Play My Drums for You

Christmas 2019
Pecan Pie Poundcake

Bloody Mary for P
Stuffed Mushrooms

Bacon wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos
Chipotle Pineapple Glazed Ham
Cucumber Sushi 
Bloody Russian
Quickie Calzone Stromboli hybrid after-thought
Ranch dip and Guacamole w/Chips
Open Faced Ham and Swiss Cheese Toastie
Even though we don't have children or family nearby, I feel responsible to make a celebration of food offerings for Christmas, an alter of treats if you will.  And since a there is a never ending need for home furnishings and retail establishments insist on shrinking the holiday to one single day off, I strained to pull together a menu of bite sized snacks.   The plan was to prepare each one slowly all day and keep cranking them out until the main roast ham was finished and finally serve that sliced and as open faced, cheese laden toast as the grand finale.  And that's how it played out.  Even though my intent was for each dish be it's perfect representation, I ended up a little Lucy in the factory assembly line by the middle of the day. 
Image result for lucy in factory line gif
You forget small details like I don't know how to make pot stickers and reading a recipe a week ago, is not quite adequate training.  One would think I'm the type to be thorough and well-planned out but most of my energy was spent setting a stage to create all day, which in the end, makes sense.  The outcome is more of a bonus for us to enjoy or have a laugh over.

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