Sunday, April 8, 2018

It'll Be Here Better Than Before

P has gone to wander the Midwest again, leaving me to explore dinner take out options after work.  When we order together I always imagine trying something different, new and exciting.   But this time I wanted our usual, the steak and corn salad from Habana to Go.  We've had these where they blow your mind, the steak just cooked to perfection, it's all hot and spicy over that cool bed of greens.  Other times, it's as if it sat around for an afternoon and the steak is chewy.  More times than not, it's been great.  But this time it was so good, with crispy thin chips, grilled corn, steak! over a bed of lettuce, tomato, carrots.  I fortify it with seasoned pinto beans and use the guacamole side as the dressing. 

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