Friday, April 27, 2018

Danger There's a Breakdown Dead Ahead

I take pictures for my sister to see what I ate at work, because she's freaky like that too.  True foodies really do want to see what you ate.  That's why the constant posting of lunch and dinner shots doesn't bother me one bit on social media.  I love to see what's for eats.  I don't even care if I know you.
On my way to work I walked because of the rain but I took a short cut through the Red Hook park.  Even though its fairly safe, it was only 7 in the morning.  I was the only one there as far as I could see.  Except for two men standing in the entrance of the restrooms straight ahead.  Gulp. There are fences on all sides. And the park comes with it's own abandoned shipyard where dumping bodies is way convenient.  I quickly envisioned an escape plan after I took that lefty up ahead in the case they were going to drag me into the damp, dark, stanky restroom and slice me up into tiny pieces.  I mean, most likely they were just park workers looking all shady but I'm a girl who lives in worst case scenarios.
I lived to see lunch.  Praise the Lord! As a matter of fact, they didn't even pay me no mind as I walked by in slow motion making note of all identifiable features with wide eyes.

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