Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Try to Set the Night on Fire

My dinner tonight consisted of baked fries and cheeseburgers in lettuce wraps.  It was
 very satisfying and friendly to the gut. Leaves you feeling clean and light. You do get the satisfaction of the cheeseburger experience without all the bloat of the buns.
My lunch however consisted of a small carne asada burrito from B'klyn Burro.  The combination of the warmed, slightly toasted flour tortilla and the freshly fried chips gave a deeper, more instant gratification.  What I would call good, bad food, meaning well made with good ingredients, just not low fat, is like the steamy sex scenes in movies.  It's fast and hard and passionate giving the stomach the sensation of an oncoming orgasm. Whereas the lettuce calls up to the brain and gives it sweet loving mommy kisses.
Yep, the long lasting gusto of eating healthy is no quick roll in the hay.

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