Sunday, April 1, 2018

Don't You Remember You Told Me You Love Me Baby

When performing an act of kindness, P likes to say 'it's the Least he can do'.  He says it twice to emphasize the true meaning of his statement. And I'm halfway joking when I say he lives by this regarding the little extras.  Those small things people do for each other that make life a little more special and enjoyable.  Niceties, they were once called.  Oh he does them, but as he says, the minimum.
Sunday I worked a long shift and for the first time in a lot of Easters, I didn't make a big meal, nor did we go out to eat.  I asked P if he could be responsible for the meal and I figured we'd have pizza slices when I got home but instead he actually made dinner, from scratch.  And it was really good!  The pork steak was cooked to perfection, marinated and seasoned well.  I was so stunned.  He leads me to believe he's capable of so very little in regards to home effort.  See, this is the bullshit that happens when someone just does enough to get by as a long term method.  You get so grateful and giddy sitting there with your lowered standards.  Being a husband is a different type of skill set.  He gets away with a lot. 
You know what got away from me this year?  Time.  Here it is Easter Sunday in spring.  I blinked and the first blooms showed up and like magic I look around and there are buds everywhere.
My bruddah holding an Easter basket on Sunday.  He's someone's husband and my guess is he gets away with murder on the regular. 

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