Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I'll Be What I Am, Solitary (Wo)man

Solo breakfast.  You can tell I wasn't trying to impress me.  Yet, I wanted a satisfying hearty breakfast.  Roasted potato medallions.  I like to repeat the word medallions in a Joe Pesci accent.  It really does make them taste better.  The omelette was light, just eggs.  Leftover bok choy still very succulent.  It paired well with the chicken sausage and grain toast. 
I'm getting used to these solitary days.  I've always spent the lions share of my time alone anyway but that's with P in the other room.  Completely by myself in the apartment for days I take on an entirely different demeanor.  It takes a while but you recall other sides of yourself, your preferences, niche interests,  given enough time.  And humor. 

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