Thursday, April 12, 2018

For the Benefit of Mr Kite, There Will Be a Show Tonight on Trampoline

Corny Hens
Someone had posted one of those memes that you respond to with your own personal story.  I believe it said name one thing your father taught you.
Yep, here it is.
I rode to work with this on the brain and couldn't shake it.  I thought of snide, funny comments.  Then got sincere and melancholy.  By the time I arrived at work I had an actual pure thought.  My dad taught me to never quit learning.  His interests, albeit usually self serving and not necessarily shared, were something I observed intently and saw firsthand the value.  A simple example would be when he got excited to prepare a new meal that he craved.  How his whole being changed.  His face lit up and his actions all centered on this creation.  He was driven, focused and clearly he had forged some newfound happiness.  It was contagious too. Sometimes I didn't even understand what he was trying to make but still became enticed, feeding off his momentum.  Generally he zeroed in on the how's of life and I believe he still explores ideas and although much less, he takes it upon himself to pick up a book or article and learn about random matters.  Even as a girl I remember him pulling my thoughts on assorted topics and it gave me such a sense that I mattered and could contribute to the world.  A real conversation with my dad.  That feeling of seeing with my own eyes him actually listening to me, the mere beer fetcher!  That was rare though.  Midwestern 70's dads were grouchy and drank a lot.  They had the weight of the family unit on their shoulders.  It was a different time. Unfortunately young girls were not the most valued commodity at that time either.  So I fed off these tiny morsels of attention and built up my own curiosities.  Come to think of it,  this was not unique to my dad, my mother had a slew of ideas and could talk a blue streak if anyone would let her but like us they were not encouraged to bloom like my dads.  It was a taught behavior to nurture my dad's good moods.
But this learned talent allowed me to open my own horizons to thoughts and ideas, leave my depressing lonely setting behind.  Separate to my dad, my enthusiasm revolved around the whys.  
Examining reason is both rewarding and a curse.  And like little Mexican-American girls in the 70s or women in general, I don't think much value is put on the information.

my personal treat, the livers sauteed in butter - salt and good!

Cornish hens stuffed with peppers, onions, garlic and celery and herbs.  Roasted with potatoes.
Butter toasted banana bread - the best idea yet!

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